The Story

A bird may love a fish, signore…but where would they live?
Then I shall have to make you wings.

– Ever After (1998)



Inspired by that one line, I had visions of an owl holding a mermaid by the waist, soaring just over the tops of the waves. After a few sketches, the finalĀ 17″ x 8″ illustration was born including the addition of my daughter as a ladybug. The story came much later.

After mulling the image around in my head for several months, I decided it needed a story.

My husband and I met online in March of 2005 while playing a video game. By June we were the best of friends and he flew out from Arizona for my daughter’s 4th birthday and to meet me face-to-face. That was all it took. My daughter and I were in love. A month and a half later saw him moving to Florida to be with us. As of March 2018, we’veĀ been together for 13 years and we’re still crazy about each other (or just crazy ha). Also for 2018, our 7 year wedding anniversary will be September 30th.

There’s a lot of day-to-day normal mixed with little miracles. Every day brings with it a new way for me to fall in love with him and my daughter is our constant muse. This book is for them. They are my magic.